Camping with Jeff

This is kind of a love story….

Whisky and Wood

Whisky and Wood

You and me Going Fishing in the Dark

You and me Going Fishing in the Dark

Campfire DnM's

Campfire DnM’s

Mark decided it was time to shave....Jeff disagreed.

Mark decided it was time to shave….Jeff disagreed.

Coffee and Fish...Breakfast?

Coffee and Fish…Breakfast?

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8 thoughts on “Camping with Jeff

      1. Edris and Ron Robertson

        Great to see your photos. What an adventure, Thanks to you both for letting us see your travels. We think in 20-30 years times you will be surprised at what you achieved.
        Safe Travelling and looking forward to seeing photos and you both when you get home. GMa and GDad

  1. Margot

    Looks like a lovely reunion. Keep me posted with your BC travels, maybe I’ll be next!

    1. Becci Post author

      we couldn’t spend as much time in BC as we would have liked. you should come to mexico for christmas xx

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