Bus Fest

So there are a lot of reasons not to drive an old VW bus up to Alaska and then down to Argentina. I don’t think I can count how many people have said with a grimace …”You’re going where?? In that?? “. However, we’ve just had one of those experiences which completely validates our decision.

We were driving from Austin towards Dallas in Texas, when a fellow in an orange VW bus driving in the opposite direction madly waved us down. Mark thought that he was having van troubles, so we turned around and pulled over to see what the the problem was. He excitedly told us that we were going the wrong way. We laughed and told him we weren’t, as we were headed towards Dallas. “Well”, he said, “that is the wrong way”. That weekend there was a big VW camp out, about 50 miles back the way we came. This was on Thursday and we had to be in Dallas on Friday, we could definitely go…even if it was just for the night.

So off we went, blindly following the man in the orange VW.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

That man turned out to be Terry. A super friendly Texan guy, with lots of VW knowledge. He refers to Australia as “South Texas” and Canada as “North Texas”… awesome. He invited us to his place after we’d been to Dallas in order to do some much needed work on the van.Terry and RemyTerry


We met so many great people (and dogs) at Bus Fest and were disappointed that we couldn’t stay for the entire weekend. From all accounts, the party hadn’t even started yet.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Get ready for the best dog names you’ve ever heard. Introducing….Indiana Bones and Crocadog Dundee.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


It was fun walking around and checking out other people’s buses and their amazing setups….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Oh, and their tattoos…..


8 thoughts on “Bus Fest

  1. Eric Durmon

    It was great meeting you 2 . People like you inspire me to put some miles on my bus (THE RUSTY SPLIT IN THE PICS) just last week i loaded up and did over 1000 miles and as you said people said “your traveling in that” next week headed to florida. Good luck and safe travels

  2. Terry Richburg

    Thanks for the visit , make me wish I had retired first , then worked . It would have been better to play back when I could still run fast . I would not trade though , I had kids in school by the time I was your age . Have fun

  3. Chris Trunick

    I was really glad to meet both of you…I also wish you could have stayed all weekend. There is always next year….Well if you are coming through in April 2014 you could hit the Texas VW Classic on Easter Weekend. Take Care..Thanks for showing my VW BUS turtle tattoo on my leg..
    Chris Trunick

  4. Ashley Johnson

    This was such a wonderful coincidence!! Enjoyed meeting yall. Love the pics of my dogs and bus. Safe travels

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