Natty Does Dallas

I was super excited when a good friend of mine (Natty), let me know that she wanted to come and see us somewhere in the US. She was working for a few weeks up in Minnesota and we were down in Texas. Dallas turned out to be the easiest place for us to meet.

So what do we know about Dallas? Nat: “All I know is that you will be there, and Khloe Kardashian lived there!” Perfect! Now we know a few other things too. We immersed ourselves in the local culture, driving on their crazy layered freeways, eating fried food and watching football….lots of football.


It was a fun weekend!! Dallas itself isn’t the most beautiful city, although we probably didn’t see enough of it to come to any legitimate conclusions. We spent most of our time on the outskirts…tailgating in car parks and staying in cheap hotels.

The professional and the hobo.

The professional and the bum.

Peek-a-boo Oscar.

Peek-a-boo Oscar.

Getting into the swing of things.

Getting into the swing of things.

The Texas State Fair was on that weekend. The big draw for us was that this was also where a massive university football grudge match was being played. Texas V Oklahoma. It would be the equivalent of a Western Derby at the Perth Royal Show….or the Oilers playing the Flames at the Calgary Stampede.  Crazy. Tickets were too expensive, so we tailgated up a storm and watched the game from the sports bar outside.

Show time.

Show time.

Mark watching the game. Everyone else is watching his moustache.

Mark watching the game. Everyone else is watching his moustache.

Trying to fit in but....

Trying to fit in but….

We forgot to wear orange....

We forgot to wear orange….

And cowboy boots.

And cowboy boots.

The Texas State Fair also has a ridiculous, but awesome, fried food competition. The grossest thing we saw was fried butter. I’m not sure how this is a good idea, in any way. There was also fried thanksgiving dinner and fried pumpkin pie. We introduced Natty to some North American delicacies (also mostly fried)…like hot wings (how will I live without them!!), BBQ pulled pork and corn dogs.


With bellies full of grease and empty wallets, we decided that it was probably best to head back to the van to nurse our headaches and whip up some dinner.


On Sunday we hit the trails for some brown bus boot camp.  Our van visitors always kick our butts. Nat’s weapon of choice was running hills. But first, we got lost in the woods.

IMG_8848   IMG_8845

That night we had tickets to the Cowboys V Redskins NFL game. We got the “Party Passes” which are the real cheap standing tickets. It’s more about just being at the game for the atmosphere, and the expensive beer. If you get to the balcony early enough for a front row position, the view is awesome. Otherwise, you have to peek over other people’s shoulders and watch the big screen.






It was so great to see Natty!! It was a really hard decision to leave Canada; however, every time I see my friends from home it reminds me that we have lots to look forward to when we get back there.

Nat’s alarm went off at 4am on Monday morning so she could catch her flight and make it back to work in time. We had got to bed sometime after 1am. In that moment I was sure glad it wasn’t me…..not for a while yet anyway.

4 thoughts on “Natty Does Dallas

  1. Rosalie

    Every time I read one of your stories I am a little envious. Enjoy whilst you are able.
    Love Rosalie

  2. johnny garcia

    Hi Mark and Becca. Remarkable photos and so envious of your free spirited adventures. I will continue to visit your website to see those beautiful secluded places through your eyes. Hope yall stay healthy and safe…….including Oscar.
    PS. Yall may not remember meeting me back on your trip through the Dallas area. I showed up at Terry’s place (south of Fort Worth) to buy sheet metal windows for my bus project. Yall had done some repair work on Oscar. We spoke briefly and yall told me you were from Australia and were driving from Canada on the way to South America. I was the grey haired Hispanic guy in a red truck with my dog Niko. Yesterday I called Terry looking for another part for my project van “Rosie”. He told me about your website. My wife and I were going through it. We love your posts, they are so groovy (cheezy word from the 60’s) haha!
    Stay safe and God Bless your trip.

    1. Mark

      Hi Johnny, yes of course we remember you. Hope the bus project is going well, pretty soon you should be on the road enjoying life in a bus, just like us. The world looks better through the windshield of a VW bus. Groovy is exactly what we’re going for, haha… thanks for the feedback.

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