Northern Baja

“Well that was the cutest border crossing I’ve ever had” said Mark at the Tijuana border, as the pretty Mexican guard quickly checked the van and sent us on our way. All of a sudden, we were driving on the streets of Tijuana, and no one had even looked at our passports.  The next few minutes went a little something like, “sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t”, as we continued to head south. My palms were clammy as I tried to read the road signs to get us back to the border. With a bit of help, we eventually made it back to immigration and were able to sort out our tourist cards and vehicle permit.

Tijuana was hectic and overwhelming. We were both surprised by the extent of our culture shock. There was so much poverty and despite practicing our Spanish, we were way out of our depth.  After getting past the busy centres, I started to relax. The real Baja beckoned. Our first day was a mission. We followed some directions to try and find an RV park, across a dry and dusty riverbed and down a winding gravel road.  When we got there it was just a bunch of run down abandoned trailers, with no one else in sight.  In the end we decided to try and find somewhere else to stay, eventually arriving at an open campground just before dark.

Since our first day, we have been settling in and getting into the swing of things….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFirst Mexican Sunrise

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Road to Punta Baja from El Rosario

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA New Additions – Ursula and Ricky Bobby


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Boondocking, Punta Baja Sunset



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Room with a view – the Gulf of California. Daggett’s Beach Camp. Bahia de los Angeles.


6 thoughts on “Northern Baja

  1. Elaine

    We have friends in Pescadero (close to Todos Santos)…I’ll send their contact info if you are going that far south on the peninsula. They say that there’s good whale watching already (recommend Magdalena Bay, San Ignacio, Guerrero Negro). Nice beaches in Pescadero (liked Los Cerritos) and surfing too.

  2. Bill Breidahl

    hi bec,

    you finally got the surfing bug at the ripe old age of 30. after growing up in margs? Ah well, better late than never. Coming to the maldives with us in 2015?
    is mark going to shave the mo after Movember is over?

    uncle bill

    1. Becci Post author

      haha..i tried surfing as a teenager, i sucked. turns out i still suck, but i have a lot of time on my hands now. the maldives sounds awesome, i reckon Sal will be keen to pay for that :-). Mark says…”its always movember in the van”.

  3. Carly

    Love Oscar’s new profile pic you guys – mad cutes!
    Como esta el espanol ahora?
    De Carlos Santana, con carino xx

    1. Mark

      Thanks Carlos. Funny thing actually, we were having a delicious dinner the other night at a restaurant and they had Carlos Santana’s Sacred Fire DVD playing on the tele… face melting guitar solos go surprisingly well with seafood.

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