San Cristobal de las Casas

Once again poor Oscar limped to our next destination, San Cristobal. We drove for about 10 hours and he was doing great right up until the end. We changed our route plans last minute and were glad that we did. San Cristobal is a nice place to be stuck for a few days, while we figure out what is going on with the van.




Mark found a German mechanic (Jergen) in town. He’s on Mexican time now, so we did a lot of waiting. Luckily we weren’t in a hurry, and he was a big help to Mark as they tried to trouble-shoot what the problem could be. In the meantime, Mugsie and I wandered more cobble stone streets, and spent all our pocket money on amazing fresh produce.




The political climate in Chiapas is also really interesting. We have been learning about the Zapatista movement. It has been called a modern day revolution. Since the first uprising in 1994, there has been a tense cease fire. The movement seems to be gaining popularity with the public at large. You can buy t-shirts that are very Che-esque. The native people are fighting for justice, education and the freedom to control their own industry. That is still probably simplifying things. There is a lot I still don’t understand about the Mexican government and politics in general.

As we drove through the country side we would see ladies in their amazing embroidered outfits working the fields. They looked more fancy than I would going to the office.


We were in town for a tamales festival, which was delicious. I have been making an effort to have more tamales in my life. With the down time, we were able to explore more of the little pockets of San Cristobal on our morning runs. Our forested campground, definitely felt like home for a while.




We met a number of overlander’s while we were in San Cristobal, who are also travelling to Argentina. Overlanders in general seem to be really organized, responsible people. It’s funny somehow that the name also applies to us. I sometimes feel like an imposter in the van, while they all drive reliable 4WD’s. Nevertheless, it was the first time we’d met a group of people doing the same thing as us. They were all super friendly, generous and interesting people. Although we have to start moving as quickly as the van will allow, we hope to see them all again.

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  1. Shannon

    So great to meet you guys in San Cristobal! M, that donkey did not look so approachable when I walked by! You are either brave or have a gift! Too funny to see you parked in our old ghost busters site in Puerto Escondido too :-)) we just arrived in Palenque and Might skip the Yucatan/Belize and head straight into Guatemala. If so, hope to see you! Shannon and Josh AND Mr.Kaleb.
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    1. Becci Post author

      hey guys! It was great meet you all too!! haha mugsie does have a gift, all animals love her. We just left Guatemala today, we haven’t had much internet so are really behind on all our errands. We are on the beach in El Salvador. I will send you an email to the address you gave me ASAP. Guatemala was great, not as cheap as I was expecting. We missed everything North of Antigua…so a lot. We are still having problems with the van so are taking it easy. We’d love to see you again too. Keep in touch and we’ll keep our eye on where you are.

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