Coasting through Costa Rica

The friendly car park attendant at Playa Avellanas helped us find a place to camp.

Chatting to our potential host, she pointed to the bathroom and said “el baño, por ppfffffffftttttt (fart noises)”.

I burst out laughing and replied “En la mañana, en la mañana”.

I looked at Mark “this lady is hilarious, we are definitely staying here”.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Me and the poochMe and the pooch


We spent four nights in Costa Rica, surfing our way down the coast. Finally, we are in sync with the van. We drove for a few hours at both dawn and dusk, before the van started to play up. In the heat of the day, we spent time at Playa Avellanas, Playa Esterillos, Playa Dominical and Pavones. At this time of year they all had mellow waves that were great for learning. We had heard on the backpacker trail that Costa Rica is expensive and overrun by North American tourists. The van is great at helping us avoid these places more easily. In Costa Rica we were able to find cheap camping every night. At someone’s house, then at a campground, behind a restaurant and at a palm tree plantation.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Playa EsterillosPlaya Esterillos

Pulling out of Playa Dominical a group of pretty ladies walk past the van.

“That’s a sweet ride”

“That’s the only ride”

Mark doesn’t miss a beat, grinning at me “do you think they’re talking about me”.

“Haha yeah right”.Wax on, Playa Dominical.Wax on, Playa Dominical.

My favourite I think was Pavones, a fairly isolated spot down in the south. It was a beautiful drive to get there and is exactly how I’d pictured Costa Rica. Lush green jungle surrounds the bright blue water of the coastline. IMG_0545



It was short Costa Rica, but oh so sweet.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

5 thoughts on “Coasting through Costa Rica

  1. Alex Truelove

    Rae rae….loved reading this and seeing where you guys are at…have been thinking of u a lot lately…possibly because I am staying put in Perth (!!! ) and cant wait for ur return..possibly because there is lots to tell you. Xxxx

      1. Becci Post author

        haha she told me she just needs a flushing toilet, so this place would qualify :-). i have to say though, i’m excited for some luxury and sal’s cooking in cartagena. just got to get this van on a ship!!

    1. Becci Post author

      Yay truelove!! stay there, i’m so excited that you’ll be there when we get home. will definitely make the transition easier. i have nowhere near got the hang of surfing, so we can do more learning together when i get back there. we are in panama for a week, with WIFI getting the van organized for shipping. lets try and skype xx

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