One Year On The Road

Today marks our one year anniversary of life on the road.

Sometimes it feels like just yesterday that we set off from Edmonton and other times it seems a word away with so many miles and experiences in between.  We’re still loving life everyday.

We had big plans of choosing a photo from each month to put into a celebratory post, but making that choice turned out to be too hard for us.

So we chose just two:

Then:Anniversary 1June 2013, near Fort St John, BC, Canada.  

And now:Anniversary 2June 2014, near Huaraz, Ancash, Peru

2 thoughts on “One Year On The Road

  1. Carl

    Props to FSJ!!

    Miss you dixies everyday – living vicariously thru your pics and stories.

    love yas xxoo

    1. Becci

      FSJ!! “The energetic city”…i still remember that, because it’s you and Eric fo sho! Not sure about the rest of the city though :-). Miss you gurl, more than elm sandwiches and leva coffee put together xxxx

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