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Eight Days on the Bowron Lakes

If you’re a keen paddler, then the Bowron Lakes circuit seems almost too good to be true.  The chain of ten lakes forms a kind of square circuit so that you can paddle along all of them with just a few short portages and then finish back at the starting point without backtracking at all.

Portaging between lakes

The first few days of the trip were cold and rainy.  But there wasn’t much wind so the lakes were calm and perfect for paddling.

When the sun came out we tried to make the most of it.

10 Bowron Lakes - 03

The campsites were all perfectly maintained and most nights we had them all to ourselves.

10 Bowron Lakes - 04

Almost every evening, the wind died down and the lakes were overcome with a glassy calmness. Also, the rocks on the beaches of Isaac Lake were all perfectly flat and smooth.  Ideal for a bit of rock skimming.

On day four the skies cleared and we had beautiful weather for the remainder of the trip.

10 Bowron Lakes - 06

10 Bowron Lakes - 08

10 Bowron Lakes - 09

We had to paddle a few sections of river between lakes, with some fun little chutes and roller coasters.  The Cariboo River was filled with hazards so we were told to keep a keen eye out for sweepers and deadheads.  Becci was a great navigator.

10 Bowron Lakes - 07

We had pancakes planned for breakfast, but we forgot to bring a spatula. A perfect excuse for a bit of whittling by the campfire.

10 Bowron Lakes - 10

10 Bowron Lakes - 11

I think this trip could easily be done in six days.  But taking eight days gave us the time to do some shorter paddling days and take the time to read and relax and swim in the lakes.

10 Bowron Lakes - 1210 Bowron Lakes - 13

We had arranged to meet Jeff at Unna Lake.  We only had a short paddle that day so we got there early and set up up camp and waited… he paddled about 30 km in one day, including two portages where he had to carry his kayak on his head.  What a marathon effort.  We were really happy when he made it, and he was just in time for some moose spotting.

10 Bowron Lakes - 14

The next few days were spent paddling and camping and fishing with Jeff.  A great finish to an amazing week.

10 Bowron Lakes - 15

This was definitely one of our favourite backcountry trips so far. You can fit lots of food as well as wine and whisky in a canoe.