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All Done 02

The Final Chapter : Farewell to The Brown Bus

Although we have been home for a while now, we have totally neglected to update the final chapter of the blog.

Our last week of travelling was a real whirlwind. We found a campground in Buenos Aires for a couple of days to sort out the van and everything in it. We also had a chance to catch up with my long lost Argentine brother, Fran. He was an exchange student who lived with my family when I was a kid and was like our big brother for six months. It was so great to see him again, to watch his local soccer game and to meet his beautiful family.

After the campground, we had work to do. We rented an apartment in Buenos Aires, unloaded our stuff from the van, took it in for a good wash and then headed for the midnight ferry to Uruguay.

All Done 01

We got off the ferry at about 3am and managed to get a few hours of sleep on the street before driving a few hours into Montevideo to meet the new owners at the mechanic. We hadn’t really done our homework properly and after a day of running around between the customs and notary offices we eventually confirmed that we would absolutely have to cross the border together to complete the necessary paperwork.

So all four of us piled into the van and took an overnight road trip to the border. At the border it was almost too easy. We drove through one checkpoint and cancelled our papers, pulled a U-turn and re-entered the country to type up some new papers with Arjan listed as the driver. They assured us that this was all we needed. Let’s hope so.

All Done 02 All Done 03All Done 21Back seat bandits, for the first time ever. 

Back in the cute little river side town of Colonia we printed out some sale contracts and did an online payment over drinks. This is where we said goodbye to our faithful companion. The old van had been our home for 15 months and all too quickly we were hopping on the ferry back to Buenos Aires. Vanless.

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Now we had a few days to kill in the city exploring, shopping, eating and celebrating.

In the meantime, we had some packing to do. The rest of our belongings had to be sorted out and fitted into four bags for the plane ride home.

All Done 10

It was amazing how quickly and abruptly the trip ended. But we weren’t sad. This moment had been coming for a long time. We were excited for what’s next.

Bring on Australia. Bring on family and friends and everything else that lies ahead.