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Finding the Lost Coast

The Lost Coast… the name itself was enough to convince me I wanted to go there.   This section of the northern California Coast has remained relatively isolated over the years because the geography makes road building kind of hard.  When Highway 1 was built they put this section in the too hard basket, and I’m glad they did.

The drive in from Ferndale to Petrolia was one of the most beautiful afternoons we’ve had so far.  It’s hard to capture the mood, but the sun was just right and it illuminated the rolling ranchlands and coastline perfectly. IMG_7203 IMG_7212

Those who make the effort are rewarded with a beautiful section of coastline to explore.  This place is no big secret, but it kind of feels that way.IMG_7232 IMG_7236 DSC05118

We’d heard about another great beach further down the coast, accessed from the south by 6 or so miles of rough unmaintained dirt road.  We came it from the other end, and after about 15 miles of slowly crawling up steep climbs and down steeper descents, through washouts and hairpin turns we were wondering if we might have to turn back. But when we caught a glimpse of the ocean just around the bend, we knew we were close.  And it was well worth it. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_7314 IMG_7280 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_7340

The short drive back out to the paved highway was much easier.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_7368 IMG_7360