The Van Plan


Oscar, the 1978 VW Westfalia.  This “Champagne Edition 2” was a special edition, and in the 70’s the special edition colour was brown.  It didn’t get us there in a hurry, but it got us there in style, and helped us to make some new friends along the way.North Peru 37


Starting in June 2013, we headed out from Edmonton, Alberta for the open road. First driving north to Fairbanks, Alaska before pointing the van south and travelling across the three American continents to the south of Patagonia in September 2014. Along the way we met up with some old friends and made some new ones. We were welcomed into peoples hearts and homes, camped in busy streets and isolated wilderness. We have tried our best to share our experiences, the good and the bad, with our friends and family and anyone else who cared to follow along.

Our faithful brown bus has now been passed on to new owners who plan to take it home to Europe, for many more adventures in the years to come. And we have moved back home to Western Australia.

32 thoughts on “The Van Plan

  1. Rob

    Amazing pictures and pictures never capture the true beauty!
    As I read your blogs Me thinks so many amazing places and so little time.
    Keep safe and keep the updates coming.

    1. Mark Post author

      Thanks Rob. So little time is right, we have had to say no to a few things already but we can’t really complain. It certainly is beautiful up here.

  2. Ashley

    Yall Left your chairs @ the Bus Fest in Texas!! I loaded them in ( Wronge way) Terrrys Bus. Hope all is well and you made it to Dallas ok.


    1. Becci

      Thanks Ashley!! We got half way to Dallas before we realized we’d left them. It was so great meeting you (and Crocadog and Indy). No doubt the rest of the weekend was awesome!! We’re sad we couldn’t stay longer XX

  3. Aunty Rosie

    Wow Becci and Mark you have had some amazing adventures will many still to come. The people you have met sound wonderful. The photos are stunning and I love reading about what you have been doing. Keep safe,

  4. Martina

    Hey! Awesome to meet you guys, and share a laugh over shaun falling off the stool (remember little stool, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger). I am glad to see one of my official family photographer photos made it to the blog too. Happy travels, but be careful with Colombia, I still haven’t left after nearly 8weeks!!

    1. Mark Post author

      Hey Martina, so good to hear from you. Definitely seems like the biggest risk in Colombia is not wanting to leave. We love it here. Thanks for the photo!

  5. ursimichelsheelahmiro

    hey there guys* nice meeting u on this FREEEEEZING sunny morning, hope u caught some nice frames at the market afterwards. wishing you all the best on your way south, may the piles snow spare you for the most part :o) who knows, maybe we’ll meet on another continent one day :o)
    the paws*

    1. Becci

      it was great meeting you guys too! haha, yeah we are hopeful that the piles of snow spare us…although we might just go skiing :-). we are so envious of your leisurely pace!! we missed the market unfortunately, had to make some miles. we look forward to seeing some pics on your blog though (your pictures are amazing!). enjoy the rest of your travels and the warmer weather on the coast xx

  6. Michel, Ursi & the Paws

    Hey guys…

    Nice to have met you in Laguna Quilotoa!
    We are now at the Beach in Salango and heading north again to Quito to drop off Ursi’s cousin. Then we will try again Cotopaxi and Chimborazo! ;)


    The Paws

    1. Mark Post author

      Great to meet you too. We had a great time on the coast near Salango. I’m sure you will love Cotopaxi if you camp there, we usually had clear skies in the mornings with a good view of the mountain.

  7. Yann

    We are 2 french travellers with our old Citroën Van from 1969 (see… we share stories of classic cars travellers for a french magazine… we would like to contact you but don’t find your email address to propose you a story about your trip… please contact us if you are interested…
    Thank you!

  8. Douglas Sergey Domingues

    Becci and Mark ,I ‘m following you since last year. I’m brazilian, and I lived near iguazu falls, please send more photo details and price about “OSCAR”
    Have a nice trip!!

  9. Terry and Bruce

    hola! Bruce and I (Sayulita) love reading your adventures. 16 years ago we also did a hike out of Huaraz – hiked between Huascaran and Tallyraju- just us and our 11 year old son. Que le vaya bien.

  10. Jpgam

    Hi!! Do you have an e-mail so i can get in contact with you? I would like to know more about the sale of the vw bus!

  11. Derek

    Awesome trip and blog; I came across it while researching the exact same trip minus Alaska/Canada. I have many questions, if you have the time would you mind me sending you an email?

  12. Sam

    Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog when searching for La Ticla. I also started my van trip in Edmonton, Alberta.
    I just have one question for you. Did you follow Mex 200 all the way down the coast? I’m not overly concerned but I have been warned of Bandito blockades etc etc. how was your experience with the coast road?
    I don’t have a blog but if you want to re-live your drive via my Instagram it is @stay_cheap


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